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    Million Bora Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on screen printing machine production, 10 years of professional printing equipment suppliers, a total of 10 categories over 100 varieties of services in gift packaging, electronics, toys, metal plastic, PCB, PV, bio, ceramic IC line and other new products. Success of products sold throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North and South America and other world.
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    To meet the interests of customers, to provide the best solutions and improve the service, you can be more comprehensive understanding of screen printing presses, drying equipment, auxiliary equipment, make your purchase easier.
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    Today’s society is a society million Bollywood News first time to provide you with information of million Bollywood dynamics and industry trends, to help you quickly and easily find their desired information in the mass of News.
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    Welcome customers to inquire, we will listen carefully to reflect the needs of users, and sincerely with sincerity, enthusiasm, patience, careful, responsible and five hearts to provide the most attentive service for you, sincerely hope that you achieve through our service maximize value.


    +  Screen printing machine
    - Automatic printer
    - Oblique screen printer
    - Vertical screen printer
    - Other screen printer
    +  Drying equipment
    - UV machine
    - IR Dryer
    - Oven
    +  Auxiliary equipment
    - Halftone Oven
    - Exposure Machine
    - Stretching machine
    - Laminator

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  • High quality manufacturersWon printing equipment international CE safety certification, ink ROHS certification, SGS certification supplier.
    10 years of printing equipment manufacturing plant, focusing on the production of screen printing machine, drying equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc. 
    General manager of the company, executives are product managers, the printing equipment has a unique professional product concept.
    The company has a number of industries, a senior technical team composed of outstanding team, dedicated to serve you.


  • Application fields: gift packaging, electronics, toys, hardware, plastics, PCB, photovoltaic, biological, ceramic IC line and other new industries.
    EPOLE printing equipment have been established procedures for production, ensure product standards and stability.
    Equipment using the world's leading brands of electric, gas.


  • EPOLE set up equipment research and development team of professional development, non-standard equipment you need.

    Professional technical team to meet the different needs of each of the guests.


  • EPOLE has its own trademark, in 2012 was named the "top ten competitive brands". 
    EPOLE printing equipment entered China 10 years of quality stability, and successfully sold to Europe, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America and South America and other world.

  • After sales is not only the maintenance of equipment and maintenance, but also contains the full technical support of the process.

    Professional and technical personnel regularly or not regularly tracking the use of user equipment.

     Design custom special products printing machinery and auxiliary equipment.
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  • Successful case

  • Four color PET sheet printer

    Four color PET sheet printer

  • PET bicycle label screen printing

    PET bicycle label screen printing

  • Air conditioner panel screen printing

    Air conditioner panel screen printing

  • Membrane switch screen printing

    Membrane switch screen printing

  • Four color paper screen printing

    Four color paper screen printing

  • Wallpaper screen printing case

    Wallpaper screen printing case

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    Our company specialize in screen printing machine 、laminating machine and relat...
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    Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind
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  • Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind

    Answer:Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind

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  • Three Days to See(Excerpts)

    Answer:Three Days to See(Excerpts)

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